1 What is the Wellington Chinese Association (WCA) membership management tool project? WCA are implementing a tool to help with moving from a manual process to an online tool (Infoodle) Timeline is completing an initial version before 31 March which is when next financial year period comes up We’ll be aiming to fully complete by 2023
2 Are you interested in Wellington Chinese Association (WCA) and/or Future Dragonz Wellington (FDW)? Please join as a member using the online form
3 I’m not able to complete the online membership form? Please complete form here WCA Subscription Form 2021-2022.docx Then email If needed you can post to Wellington Chinese Association PO Box 27-016 Wellington If you need any help, please contact us at
4 What is the membership process as a new member? High Level: Complete subscription/membership form Pay subscription/membership Approve member/applicant Reconcile payment Confirm membership
5 What is the membership process as an existing member? High Level: Access WCA via Infoodle login (only difference) Pay subscription/membership Approve member/applicant Reconcile payment
6 What are the membership benefits? Membership card Newsletter NZCA culture and heritage, eg SS Ventnor NZCA Events Future Dragonz Wellington (FDW) Easter Sports tournament Leadership Development Conference (LDC) Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) Going Bananas
7 How can I update my details? When you’re a member, you can access WCA via Infoodle login. Eg self-service
8 What payment methods do you currently accept? Internet banking Cash - only if in person after completing online form Note: Cheques are not accepted
9 What payment methods will you accept in the future? Credit card - surcharge for this service will passed to member Direct debit
10 What are the membership criteria for joining WCA? Based on the WCA constitution, anyone is welcome There are requirements for the NZCA Easter Sports tournament
11 How do I get my WCA membership number? When you sign up as a member, you will automatically be emailed this Also, you will be able to access this via the online tool (Infoodle), eg self-service Eg LDC and YLC
12 How can I get my WCA membership card? Currently it may be posted to you. Or you can pick it up at an WCA event In the future, we are looking at an online version, eg WCA membership app via Infoodle
13 What are WCA membership card benefits? We are about to implement a membership benefit program, giving current members a membership card. This will give you exclusive member discounts at valid participating businesses If you know a business or are interested to participate in this program, please get in touch at In the meantime, please support local business so we can get through COVID-19 together
14 WCA Constitution? Charities Documents > Rules
15 Registered Charity? Yes, we currently have a manual donation process There will be an automated process in the future